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Industrial Visit at Silvasa on 11th November, 2017

Quibble - Quiz Contest - 10th November, 2017

TradeIT - 2017

Bolly-Hop - Dance workshop by Raveena Rodrigues

Treasure Hunt by E-Cell

Indoor Sports Championship by Sports Club


committees and clubs

The student-driven ideology is something we strive for and also encourage.Students help in all the key functions of the institute under the tutelage of experienced faculty and staff and are ably supported by committed student bodies. Below is the list of all committees and clubs


Placement Committee

Placement Cell for any educational institution is the most important functional body. I am really honoured to be the president of Placement Committee of NMIMS Navi Mumbai; the first batch of the Campus.

I along with my team aim to put forward the best our institute offers to the rest of the corporate world. We, a team of 13 geared up individuals look forward to a successful year for our entire batch, happy to help place every individual where they desire to work and shape their career.

- Mudit Mathur President,
Placement Committee

Cultural Committee

We the cultural committee at NMIMS Navi Mumbai believe that extra curricular is as equally important as academics since it helps in the holistic development of the students and also gives them a platform to showcase their talents.

- Vivek Vijan.
President, Cultural Committee.

Business Events Committee

"Corporate success mainly depends on three parameters: leadership, management and training. We, at NMIMS Navi Mumbai, aim to achieve this success by building strong corporate relations with ambitious and knowledgeable business leaders in order to help our students gain profound insights into the business world. Incorporating business acumen and making our students competitive through industry-institute interface is our main motto."

- Alisha Gajare.
President, Business Events Committee.

Editorial Committee

The Editorial Team at NMIMS Navi Mumbai, strives to inform, engage and inspire diverse readership by presenting an intimate, timely and honest portrait of the College, its people, its programs,its history, its challenges, its resource and its mission. Our focus is to bring to the table an enriching experience in the form of unique and exciting content via blogs, newsletters, magazines and various competitions.

- Aruna Panicker
President, Editorial Committee

Sports Commitee

Sports are an integral part of any students' personality development. Apart from education you need good health and for that you need to play sports. The Sports Committee at NMIMS, Navi Mumbai mainly focuses to inculcate the importance of physical exercise and develop sportsmanship.

- Amey Dhule
President, Sports Commitee

The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell)

The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell) provides a conduit through which the students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with entrepreneurs, and share ideas. Our aim is to provide exposure to mentorship and networking opportunities with pioneering and inspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, industrial experts and venture capitalists and build relationships between NMIMS Global Campus, Navi Mumbai and the entrepreneurial community. E-Cell is committed to advancing insight and awareness about new businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurial skills among our students and it provides them with a platform to showcase their innovative and creative ideas.

- Ayush Pathak,
President, E-Cell.


To maintain the equilibrium between the Academic and Non-Academic fronts, NMIMS, Navi Mumbai has four academic clubs namely Finance Club, Marketing Club (known as MarCell), Operations Management Club (known as Op-Notch) and HR Club.


FinCorp is the official NMIMS Navi Mumbai Finance Club. Our goal is to provide the link between the academic and real world. The club will bring in outside professionals to network, discuss different finance roles and discussion of current market events with students. Our mission is to empower and support our club members in exploring job opportunities in Finance by boosting their skills and knowledge of industry trends. The club firmly believes in knowledge sharing and learning Finance in a unique way via virtual sessions, workshops, quizzes and competitions.

- Jay Mehta,
President, FinCorp.

HR Club

The purpose of the HR Club is to bring together students who are interested in Human Resource Management, impart knowledge about the specialization as well as what the Human Resource Professionals do. We work towards developing Interpersonal Skills needed in the corporate world. As an HR Professional works for the entire organization, we as the HR Club work for the entire Institute.

- Saman Shakir,
President, HR Club.


Marcell, the marketing club of NMIMS Navi Mumbai aims at empowering the passionate & budding marketers through interactions with various industry experts, simulation exercises, competitions and peer learning to enrich their professional development. We at Marcell provide the students a platform to showcase their talents by means of various inter and intra college events and workshops.

- Manan Sanghvi,
President, Marcell.


Op-Notch, the Operations Club at NMIMS Navi Mumbai aims to create excitement, passion and commitment to maximizing the knowledge of every student of the club through periodic Quizzes, Guest Lectures, Case Challenges, Live Projects, Industrial Visits, and participations among other B-school events.

- Sai Swarupa Malipeddi,
President, Op-Notch.